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Bloomings and Growth: The Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is upon us, not only marking the usually long-anticipated balance between light and dark and the increasing number of daylight hours to be enjoyed until mid-September, but also the birth of new life all around us. This new life can come in many different forms—not only by way of little hatchlings that … Continue reading Bloomings and Growth: The Spring Equinox

Your Publishing Dreams: What’s Stopping You?

It seems that to write and publish a book is one of the most commonly held aspirations amongst people, yet so few make the decision to actually move forward and achieve this goal. Why is that? This question has arisen on so many occasions at the Notebook Publishing offices, and it is only after questioning … Continue reading Your Publishing Dreams: What’s Stopping You?

Now Available in Paperback and eBook: Alice: Queen of Hearts

Since its publication in November 2015, Alice: Queen of Hearts, has received huge attention amongst readers and media on a worldwide scale. The hottest question asked has centred on the availability of Alice in formats besides the hardback edition made available to the public upon its publication, with a number of readers requesting both paperback … Continue reading Now Available in Paperback and eBook: Alice: Queen of Hearts

Project Ami: Soon-To-Be-Published

'The world was perfect. A blue and green Earth spinning on its axis with a billion people wandering its surface and deep in its oceans. But then technology found a fix for what was broken with society. Bots. The sophisticated super-human robot designed to make life easier… But then imagine a rebellious group, filled with … Continue reading Project Ami: Soon-To-Be-Published

Cover Revelation: ‘Alice: Queen of Hearts’

And so the time has come to reveal another of Notebook Publishing's soon-to-be-published title covers—Hayley Paige's Alice: Queen of Hearts. This work has been in production for a long period of time, with Ms Paige investing her heart and soul into the story, with its twists and turns, and in creating the perfectly dark and fantastical … Continue reading Cover Revelation: ‘Alice: Queen of Hearts’

Revealed: ‘Alice: Queen of Hearts’

Recent months at Notebook Publishing have been shrouded in secrecy as we have worked on the publication of one of our most eagerly awaited works. Up until now, the upcoming soon-to-be-published work has been referred to as The AQH Project owing to author Hayley Paige's desire to maintain an air of mystery surrounding a writing … Continue reading Revealed: ‘Alice: Queen of Hearts’

It’s Our Birthday!

July 22, 2015 marks Notebook Publishing's second birthday. The time has flown so quickly, with so much excitement centred on book design, editing, typesetting, publication, marketing, promotion, and everything after and in-between! We have spent the past two years growing our customer base, expanding our services, intensifying our attention and focusing on providing our authors … Continue reading It’s Our Birthday!