It’s Our Birthday!

July 22, 2015 marks Notebook Publishing's second birthday. The time has flown so quickly, with so much excitement centred on book design, editing, typesetting, publication, marketing, promotion, and everything after and in-between! We have spent the past two years growing our customer base, expanding our services, intensifying our attention and focusing on providing our authors … Continue reading It’s Our Birthday!

Writing Course: Published

April 24, 2015 witnessed the publication of our very own Hayley Paige's first non-fiction: 'Writing Course: Teaching the Time-Efficient Principles of Planning and Writing a Book'. This is the first book in The Book Creatives series, with the second book—'The Beginners' Handbook of Professional Copy Editing and Proofreading'—set for publication in the summer of 2015. … Continue reading Writing Course: Published

Our Inspiration

Every business has a starting point, and Notebook Publishing is no exception. Today, an article has been published following an interview carried out with Notebook Publishing's founder, Hayley Paige. The interview is part of a series centred on how and why successful businesses are first established, and what the entrepreneurs behind these Start-Up Stories first … Continue reading Our Inspiration

Valentine’s Day, Love Letters and A Project…

Valentine's Day, a day for love... Although the history of Valentine's Day spans back many centuries—with its origin not actually associated with romantic love!—since the 18th Century, lovers, boyfriends and girlfriends, and husbands and wives have exchanged cards, flowers, chocolates and romantic gifts as a display of love and affection. Although it may be argued … Continue reading Valentine’s Day, Love Letters and A Project…

New Brochure: Available for Download!

It has been in-development for well over a month, but we are finally delighted, ecstatic, over the moon, thrilled to write that our new publishing brochure is now available and ready for view/download! In line with our newly designed website and splash-of-colour theme, our brochure—detailing our five different publishing packages, namely Basic, Basic Plus, Intermediary, … Continue reading New Brochure: Available for Download!

Shattered: Typesetting Finalised

Today, we have completed the typesetting of the Shattered manuscript. Now, with the cover and manuscript complete, we are virtually ready to go to print. At the present time, our graphics design team is compiling all of the files into their print-ready format, set to go to our printers. The only task remaining is to receive … Continue reading Shattered: Typesetting Finalised

Shattered: Blurb

The past few business days have been centred on the manuscript penned by Sallie Baisley, Shattered, with the typesetting and cover design finalisation assigned the most priority at the present stage of the publishing process. This particular book is speeding through the various stages of publication owing to a number of factors, namely the author's writing … Continue reading Shattered: Blurb

Snarls of Love: Blurb

The past couple of weeks have marked an exciting journey for Notebook Publishing, with the proofreading, copy editing and typesetting of Snarls of Love well under way and the design of the book's cover complete (blog entry including the cover to follow very soon!). Now, with only days to go until publication, the blurb (originally … Continue reading Snarls of Love: Blurb