Pop-Up Play: In Premedia—and Cover Sneak Peak!

The exciting collaborative work of Morgan Leichter-Saxby and Suzanna Law, The New Adventure Playground Movement, has today gone to print and is currently in premedia, which is, as always, an extremely exciting milestone for not only the author and photographer, respectively, but for the Notebook Publishing team as a whole. Every work we accept for … Continue reading Pop-Up Play: In Premedia—and Cover Sneak Peak!

Shattered: Typesetting Finalised

Today, we have completed the typesetting of the Shattered manuscript. Now, with the cover and manuscript complete, we are virtually ready to go to print. At the present time, our graphics design team is compiling all of the files into their print-ready format, set to go to our printers. The only task remaining is to receive … Continue reading Shattered: Typesetting Finalised

Shattered: Book Cover

  Progress on Sallie Baisley's Shattered has been fast and seamless, with the finalisation of the book cover design now complete. Both the author and the Notebook Publishing team feel the book cover is a perfect representation of the story to be contained within, and we are very much looking forward to printing the first … Continue reading Shattered: Book Cover

Book Cover Templates: 100 Designs

Although we all stand by the principle of never judging a book by its cover, it is unquestionable that the cover design, along with all of its individual elements and ingredients, is the first thing we notice when browsing books—and is something, if we are honest, all of us are guilty of taking into account … Continue reading Book Cover Templates: 100 Designs