Bloomings and Growth: The Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is upon us, not only marking the usually long-anticipated balance between light and dark and the increasing number of daylight hours to be enjoyed until mid-September, but also the birth of new life all around us. This new life can come in many different forms—not only by way of little hatchlings that … Continue reading Bloomings and Growth: The Spring Equinox

Project Ami: Soon-To-Be-Published

'The world was perfect. A blue and green Earth spinning on its axis with a billion people wandering its surface and deep in its oceans. But then technology found a fix for what was broken with society. Bots. The sophisticated super-human robot designed to make life easier… But then imagine a rebellious group, filled with … Continue reading Project Ami: Soon-To-Be-Published

Revealed: ‘Alice: Queen of Hearts’

Recent months at Notebook Publishing have been shrouded in secrecy as we have worked on the publication of one of our most eagerly awaited works. Up until now, the upcoming soon-to-be-published work has been referred to as The AQH Project owing to author Hayley Paige's desire to maintain an air of mystery surrounding a writing … Continue reading Revealed: ‘Alice: Queen of Hearts’

Book Orders

Upon the publication of a book through Notebook Publishing, the many thousands of distributors, retailers and wholesalers in our channels are made aware of its presence and availability, and are given the opportunity to list and stock the book through their stores or other outlets. Such parties are afforded a wholesale discount on books, usually … Continue reading Book Orders

Valentine’s Day, Love Letters and A Project…

Valentine's Day, a day for love... Although the history of Valentine's Day spans back many centuries—with its origin not actually associated with romantic love!—since the 18th Century, lovers, boyfriends and girlfriends, and husbands and wives have exchanged cards, flowers, chocolates and romantic gifts as a display of love and affection. Although it may be argued … Continue reading Valentine’s Day, Love Letters and A Project…

New Social Media Platform: Tsū

In addition to the more standard, widespread Social Media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, Notebook Publishing is now also using Tsū, which is an innovative new social media platform which, as an added bonus, rewards its more active users. In our opinion—of course, we're far from Social Media experts!—Tsū appears to be … Continue reading New Social Media Platform: Tsū

February: The Month of Publication

Notebook Publishing was born out of real passion and genuine devotion for not only the book industry but also for the writing community. All aspects of the book-publication process—from an author brainstorming ideas for characters, plots, and twists and turns, through to a reader rating and reviewing a recent read—are all fascinating, exciting stepping stones … Continue reading February: The Month of Publication

Basic Plus Package

Yesterday we began the publication process for our newest author (a subsequent blog entry will soon be live, detailing the author and the book!), who has opted for the Basic Plus package with add-on typesetting. This means that the next few business days will be focused on typesetting, as well as the finalisation of the book cover design, carried … Continue reading Basic Plus Package

Basic Package

This morning we have started the publication process for our newest author (watch this space for details of her name and book), who has opted for the Basic package with add-on copy editing. This means the coming days will be centred on copy editing, proofreading and typesetting the manuscript, before then putting the book through … Continue reading Basic Package