Have you ever considered opening your own publishing house?

The services provided through our Notebook Professionals Initiative are perhaps some of the most exciting ever to be available, with only a select few individuals selected each month to join us on this exclusive venture.

Greater Heights takes our book enthusiasts—whether writers, authors, readers or general book lovers—through to entrepreneurial status, with the ability to shape and affect the book industry as a whole.

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Exclusively through our webinars and global seminars, we present the opportunity for our community of professionals to establish their own publishing house, complete with control over every aspect of the publishing process, whether setting royalties, selecting design teams, choosing a brand and logo, securing book availability—and everything beyond and in-between.

Our LLP (Learn, Launch and Publish) model teaches not only the fundamentals but also the minute details that are responsible for the well-oiled operation of a book-producing machine, with our team on standby to offer any help and assistance required throughout all stages in the process.

Our DDP (Design, Delegate and Publish) framework, on the other hand, presents a Done For You opportunity, with our team investing much time and focus on assisting those enrolling in this initiative. Accordingly, therefore, we are limited to enrolling only a select group every webinar/global in-city seminar.

Reserve My Webinar Seat!