The essence of Notebook Publishing—getting your book through publication and into the hands of your target readers.

The core of all of our services relates back to our love and passion for books, and the desire we have to help writers across the world—you!—take advantage of an incredible platform such as this. We believe that everyone with the inclination to write should be able to do so; to have their words read, to be given the opportunity to find their way through the oftentimes chaotic and seemingly complex world of writing and publishing, and to bask in the Author Status afforded by putting pen to paper and distributing book to reader.

It is our role to show you how to do this and to provide the avenue, tools and models to allow you to achieve your goal.

We present all aspiring writers with the pathway and system to allow them to find their way to writing success—and to do so with ease, enjoyment and feelings of pride and accomplishment. 

Are you ready to ask: What would my book like? Are you ready to find out?

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