• Paperback availability
  • E-book availability
  • ISBN assignment
  • Barcode generation
  • Digital formatting and distribution
  • Electronic proof
  • Worldwide availability via Ingram Distribution
  • Monthly royalty payments.

The Basic publishing package is ideal for the author who is simply looking to publish their book(s) as time- and cost-effectively as possible.

The Basic publication process involves making the book available as an e-book—through Amazon’s Kindle format—as well as in paperback, which will be made available to hundreds of distributors, retailers and wholesalers across the globe. The manuscript and cover do not go through any changes; what is submitted to us is exactly what will be digitally formatted and distributed. You simply set your retail price and wholesale discount (if applicable), and we do the rest. The book will be assigned an ISBN, a barcode will be generated, and the book made available for print through Ingram’s Distribution channels1.

All Basic authors receive royalties due monthly2.


All Basic publishing package elements to be fulfilled within 5 working days (excluding manuscript copy editing/proofreading and book cover design).

Purchasing the Basic Publishing Package?

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1Timescales will differ in terms of when the book becomes available through Ingram’s partners and/or Books In Print. In the days and weeks following publication, more and more distributors, retailers and wholesalers will make the book available through their own channels/outlets. Notebook Publishing has no direct control of this.

2All royalties to be paid every month, 3 months after sales. For example, earnings from January sales to be paid in April. A minimum of £5.00 royalties to be earned before payment is submitted. A 5% charge for the payment of all royalties is applicable, i.e. for every £1.00, Notebook Publishing reserves £0.10 to cover administration and the processing of payments.

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    1. Of course, Karen. We offer our book publishing services on a global scale. As our services are charged in GBP, the USD price would be the USD equivalent to the GBP, according to the exchange rate on that particular day.

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