Predominantly, Notebook Publishing presents writers and aspiring authors the world over with the opportunity to publish their books and set them into the world. We are able to do this through our valuable and forever-valued relationships with the world’s leading retailers, distributors and wholesalers. However, before even reaching that point, we need to be sure our writers are happy with their end product.

Enter Notebook Academy.

Not only do we welcome in writers with completed manuscripts, who are ready to proceed with publication, but also writers needing guidance, whether they are in the preliminary brainstorming stages or in the thick of writing. Notebook Academy provides writers across the globe with the opportunity to join forces with us as they proceed with the book-writing and -publication journey—regardless of the point they have reached.

We provide a number of free downloadable guides, checklists and useful resources, exclusive webinars and seminars, workshops and courses, a multitude of services centred on writing, publication and all that follows, and even one-to-one collaboration with our publishing consultants.

Our aim here is simple: to bring out the creative and to shine light on the path to writing success.