One of the key advantages of opting to publish with Notebook Publishing is that the potentially mammoth task of making distributors, retailers and wholesalers aware of your book is circumvented through our significant connections and relationships with a huge number of relevant organisations and individuals operating in the industry. No longer is there the concern of how to attract book sellers’ attention to your latest (or, indeed, first) release or how to convince relevant parties to list and stock your book. The details of every book published with Notebook Publishing are immediately sent across our global network of partners.

One of the questions most commonly asked of us in this regard is, ‘Who are your connections?’ As much as there are far too many to list, when answering this question there are some we detail in an effort to reassure our authors that information pertaining to their books—title, author name, ISBN, price, genre—falls straight into the right book people’s hands. With this in mind, we thought we would provide a non-exhaustive list of some of the key players involved in our publication and distribution network:




  • Amazon
  • Canadian general market segments, including chain retailers, independent retailers, internet stores, library suppliers, university college book stores, and wholesalers

  • Chapters/Indigo.

Australia and New Zealand:

 As much as this list is not an extensive breakdown of every one of our retailers, distributors and wholesalers, nonetheless, we believe it provides valuable insight into the connections and networks through which Notebook Publishing provides its publication services. Accordingly, irrespective of our UK base, our authors benefit from an extensive, world-spanning presence, allowing their books to be sold and read by book-loving populations across the globe.

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