Upon the publication of a book through Notebook Publishing, the many thousands of distributors, retailers and wholesalers in our channels are made aware of its presence and availability, and are given the opportunity to list and stock the book through their stores or other outlets. Such parties are afforded a wholesale discount on books, usually equating to at least 20% (although this can be changed according to the author’s preferences). As this allows such individuals and companies to earn a profit on book sales, this encourages them to list the book in their inventory; the greater the discount, the more inclined they will be to list the book. It isn’t difficult to recognise that a larger number of book sellers interested in a book will usually translate to more sales, greater recognition of the author, and more profit for the author and book seller alike!


For Our Authors

Upon publication, it is common for Notebook Publishing’s authors to want to order large volumes of their book to sell to friends and family, and within the local community and further afield, such as through book signings, book fairs and countless other fields. Placing an order for books is simple, and we do not stipulate a minimum quantity.

As much as books can be ordered through book sellers, such as Amazon, this would mean paying the RRP (and possibly shipping costs), which would equate to no profit for the author. As such, Notebook allows an author’s books to be purchased by the author at only the print cost, with the inclusion of shipping and a minimal per-order handling charge. (We, as a publisher, do not add-on any additional charges for the ordering of books.) In many cases, this allows Notebook’s authors to earn a minimum of 50% profit on each and every copy sold, although it is common for this to be more.

As each book’s print charges differ owing to various factors (book size, paper, page count, format, colour, etc.), our authors are encouraged to contact us direct with details of how many books they would like to order. In turn, we will be able to advise on the total cost for the order and how quickly these can be shipped, allowing the real fun to begin!


For Book Sellers

The placing of orders for Notebook’s published titles is simple: all of our distributors, retailers and wholesalers are able to contact us to place their order, paying only the cover’s RRP minus the wholesale discount.


There is no greater feeling for an author than being able to hold in their hands a physical copy of their book, with authors stating it is one of the best feelings in the world. The simple book-ordering process and cost efficiency implemented by Notebook Publishing now make this more possible and affordable than ever before. And for those authors publishing with any of the packages from Basic Plus upwards, a shipment of books (quantity depending on the publishing package chosen) will be included, meaning that moment is so much closer!

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