Project Ami: Soon-To-Be-Published

'The world was perfect. A blue and green Earth spinning on its axis with a billion people wandering its surface and deep in its oceans. But then technology found a fix for what was broken with society. Bots. The sophisticated super-human robot designed to make life easier… But then imagine a rebellious group, filled with … Continue reading Project Ami: Soon-To-Be-Published

Cover Revelation: ‘Alice: Queen of Hearts’

And so the time has come to reveal another of Notebook Publishing's soon-to-be-published title covers—Hayley Paige's Alice: Queen of Hearts. This work has been in production for a long period of time, with Ms Paige investing her heart and soul into the story, with its twists and turns, and in creating the perfectly dark and fantastical … Continue reading Cover Revelation: ‘Alice: Queen of Hearts’

Revealed: ‘Alice: Queen of Hearts’

Recent months at Notebook Publishing have been shrouded in secrecy as we have worked on the publication of one of our most eagerly awaited works. Up until now, the upcoming soon-to-be-published work has been referred to as The AQH Project owing to author Hayley Paige's desire to maintain an air of mystery surrounding a writing … Continue reading Revealed: ‘Alice: Queen of Hearts’

The Friendship Flame: Published

'Fiery, headstrong and spoilt, Kendal Waters has it all: the big house, the loving family, cool friends and all the admirers she could want. Her life is at the centre of the teenage dream. However, things are slowly beginning to change: Kendal's parents are having issues and making life-changing decisions, leaving Kendal to face a … Continue reading The Friendship Flame: Published

Charm Bracelet Girls, Book 1: The Friendship Flame

This week marks the end of a very long writing process, with the first in the Charm Bracelet Girls series, The Friendship Flame, written by child author Faye Paige, going to publication. The second publication for this author, the first in the CBG series has been a work in-progress for 3 years. Charm Bracelet Girls … Continue reading Charm Bracelet Girls, Book 1: The Friendship Flame

Pop-Up Play: In Premedia—and Cover Sneak Peak!

The exciting collaborative work of Morgan Leichter-Saxby and Suzanna Law, The New Adventure Playground Movement, has today gone to print and is currently in premedia, which is, as always, an extremely exciting milestone for not only the author and photographer, respectively, but for the Notebook Publishing team as a whole. Every work we accept for … Continue reading Pop-Up Play: In Premedia—and Cover Sneak Peak!

Presenting Morgan Leichter-Saxby and Suzanna Law with The New Adventure Playground Movement

Notebook Publishing is proud to present author Morgan Leichter-Saxby, in collaboration with photographer Suzanna Law, as the newest additions to the Notebook Publishing Authors' group, who have chosen to publish their book, The New Adventure Playground Movement, through NP’s Basic publishing option with add-on manuscript copy editing and typesetting, and simple cover design. This is perhaps one of the … Continue reading Presenting Morgan Leichter-Saxby and Suzanna Law with The New Adventure Playground Movement

Snarls of Love: To Print

After a very long journey comprising book cover design, manuscript copy editing, proofreading, and many other subsequent rounds of editing, we are finally ready to take Snarls of Love to print. As of today, cover design is complete, manuscript editing has been finalised, and file compilation is being undertaken. By this evening, our printers will … Continue reading Snarls of Love: To Print

Shattered: Book Cover

  Progress on Sallie Baisley's Shattered has been fast and seamless, with the finalisation of the book cover design now complete. Both the author and the Notebook Publishing team feel the book cover is a perfect representation of the story to be contained within, and we are very much looking forward to printing the first … Continue reading Shattered: Book Cover

Introducing Sallie Baisley with Shattered

Notebook Publishing is proud to introduce author Sallie Baisley as our newest author, who has chosen to publish her novel, Shattered, a mystery, through NP’s Basic Plus publishing option with add-on manuscript typesetting. Ms Baisley, who is based in Kent, UK, has spent a great deal of her time writing her manuscript and having it copy edited. We are … Continue reading Introducing Sallie Baisley with Shattered