Bloomings and Growth: The Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is upon us, not only marking the usually long-anticipated balance between light and dark and the increasing number of daylight hours to be enjoyed until mid-September, but also the birth of new life all around us. This new life can come in many different forms—not only by way of little hatchlings that cluck and tweet or as fluffy balls of cuteness that hop around, their long ears peaked. This season can provide the perfect time to consider what we want to birth, what we want to grow and develop, and how we can best make use of the longer hours of light.

Spring is the perfect time for taking new steps and exploiting new opportunities.

At Notebook Publishing, our attention is being directed towards the birth of new publishing packages, the growth of our online social media presence, and the tweaking and pruning of our policies and methods. We are focusing on what is already alive and thriving, and instead choosing to spend our hours in the daylight focused on improvement.

Of course, however, it is common for lambing and the laying of new eggs to be at the fore of people’s minds, and if you are a budding author, we present you with the opportunity to take this season and give birth to the reality of a long-held dream. Within mere weeks, you could be holding your own book in your hands. Now wouldn’t that be an incredible way to spend the Spring?

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