Your Publishing Dreams: What’s Stopping You?

It seems that to write and publish a book is one of the most commonly held aspirations amongst people, yet so few make the decision to actually move forward and achieve this goal. Why is that? This question has arisen on so many occasions at the Notebook Publishing offices, and it is only after questioning some of our authors that we have come to identify a few of the concerns held by many would-be authors. So now has come to the time to alleviate some of the main concerns:

  • Publishing is expensive: Generally speaking, this is a true statement to make, and even when considering our key competitors in the field, we can see how this assumption has been made—and proven! When comparing our own services with those of other top players in the industry, publishing packages can cost as much as 6 times more than our own! We would say that’s expensive!

Answer: Our publishing packages begin at just £399, which positions us as the most inexpensive publishing house providing authors with our specific services portfolio. In other words, no other publishing entity in the industry provides its authors with the services we do at the low prices we do. No longer does book publication need to be expensive!

  • The publisher keeps most of the royalties: Again, generally, we would state that this is true; usually, the only way an author can maintain all of their royalties is to self-publish without the involvement of any other party—but, of course, that isn’t the case with Notebook Publishing!

Answer: Our unwavering belief is that every writer deserves to retain their earnings. This was one of the key principles underpinning the establishment of Notebook Publishing: we endeavoured that our authors would retain their royalties, and so, no longer do published authors need to be satisfied with 7% of a book’s RRP. It is with this in mind that we ensure our authors reap the financial benefits of their hard work. We pay their royalties monthly, on time, and deduct only a 5% administration charge for handling and processing payments, meaning a clear, unarguable win for Notebook’s writers!

  • There just isn’t the time: It is common for publishing and subsequent marketing efforts to take months, if not years, in the publishing industry, and so the time-related concerns writers have when it comes to publishing, more often than not, are founded.

Answer: We have designed and implemented a process that allows writers to be published within as little as 7 days! This has to be one of the most time-efficient processes, taking a writer’s work from mere manuscript (or even just folios) (through the editing, typesetting and cover-design processes), to printed and available worldwide.

  • After publication comes marketing, and that’s an impossible task: Of course, we all have our own skillsets and strengths—and, in turn, weaknesses, with marketing concerns one of the prominent issues amongst aspiring authors. After all, if you cannot market and sell your book, why publish at all?

Answer: We understand that marketing is not everyone’s strong point, and sometimes we need a little helping hand. This is why we provide our authors not only with publishing packages offering advertising and marketing, but also a number of add-on marketing services. By employing us to complete your marketing campaign, you can focus on either writing your next book or enjoying the rewards flooding in from your latest one!

Without question, every dream encompasses some element of fear; the fear of failure tends to be prominent, and this stems from concerns such as those detailed above. However, our mission, as a publishing organisation, is to encourage as many writers as possible to publish their work—and to facilitate this. Our cost-effective, time-efficient, financially rewarding, all-encompassing services ensure our writers can put aside their fears and focus on enjoying the publication process. Essentially, that is our goal.

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