Project Ami: Soon-To-Be-Published

‘The world was perfect. A blue and green Earth spinning on its axis with a billion people wandering its surface and deep in its oceans. But then technology found a fix for what was broken with society.

Bots. The sophisticated super-human robot designed to make life easier… But then imagine a rebellious group, filled with disdain for this new technological development and the laziness of the masses. Imagine how they create a virus and infect the bots…

Introducing the Killer Bots, known to the remaining human population as KBs.

They slowly but surely have begun to take over the planet, killing without hesitation any human seen to cross their paths. They simply load their machine guns and fire.

The survivors do what they can to keep a grasp on life. Ryan is one such lone survivor. He makes his way from place to place. He scavenges supplies from old stores and left-behind homes. He walks and ventures and journeys, all the while staying alert for errant KBs. He won’t hesitate if he comes across a robot… He’ll simply shoot and kill.

That is, until he stumbles across Ami. But Ami is like no other robot he’s ever known…

On March 21, 2016, Emiel Sleeger’s fiction, Project Ami, progressed through the publication stage in partnership with Notebook Publishing, with pre-orders to be taken until May 1, at which point the book will be published and available to the world. This publication marks a very exciting time both for the author and for Notebook Publishing when considering the book is the first in the genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy!

Available now for pre-order at leading stores across the globe, including Amazon, with more set to follow, we expect Emiel Sleegers to become a widely recognised name in the not-too-distant future. We wish him every success!

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