Now Available in Paperback and eBook: Alice: Queen of Hearts

Since its publication in November 2015, Alice: Queen of Hearts, has received huge attention amongst readers and media on a worldwide scale. The hottest question asked has centred on the availability of Alice in formats besides the hardback edition made available to the public upon its publication, with a number of readers requesting both paperback and ebook format. Now, we are pleased to announce that Alice now can be purchased in all three formats!

Alice has proven to be one of Notebook Publishing’s most popular publications, with the sequel set to follow towards the end of 2016. We know Alice fans are already chomping at the bit, desperate to discover what happens to Alice after she has found herself lost down the rabbit hole… (We’ll refrain from sharing spoilers!)

As with all of our publications, Alice is available in countless stores, on a number of websites, and through hundreds of distributors, retailers and wholesalers worldwide. For the sake of purchasing ease, however,  you can visit Amazon to secure your copies in the newest formats.

Happy Reading!

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