Cover Revelation: ‘Alice: Queen of Hearts’

And so the time has come to reveal another of Notebook Publishing‘s soon-to-be-published title covers—Hayley Paige‘s Alice: Queen of Hearts.

This work has been in production for a long period of time, with Ms Paige investing her heart and soul into the story, with its twists and turns, and in creating the perfectly dark and fantastical Wonderland.

Alice (and the dark and mystical Red) will be introduced to the world on November 22, 2015, after much anticipation and excitement, not only amongst the Notebook team but also readers and fans globally. Undoubtedly, this achievement will prove to be a huge moment in the writing and personal life of one of Notebook’s authors.

As always, we wish Hayley every success and hope this writing endeavour coming to fruition will prove to be all she has dreamed it would be. We have loved being a part of the journey!

Let us know your thoughts on the beautiful new cover for Alice: Queen of Hearts, set for publication and available to purchase worldwide on November 22, 2015.

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