It’s Our Birthday!

July 22, 2015 marks Notebook Publishing‘s second birthday. The time has flown so quickly, with so much excitement centred on book design, editing, typesetting, publication, marketing, promotion, and everything after and in-between! We have spent the past two years growing our customer base, expanding our services, intensifying our attention and focusing on providing our authors with a unique, very personal service.

Like all birthdays, we intend to celebrate in style! This year, we mark the occasion with special thanks directed towards those who have made our existence possible: the world’s writers.

From July 22 through to August 22, 2015, we will celebrate our birthday (birthmonth?!) by providing our customers with a 20% discount on all publishing packages. This can provide a saving of up to £680 (funds that then could be enjoyed with a book launch or even just general post-publishing celebrating [wine?!]!)… Not-too-shabby a birthday treat!

As always, our publishing packages can be reviewed in our recently redesigned brochure. Happy Publishing!

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