The Friendship Flame: Published

‘Fiery, headstrong and spoilt, Kendal Waters has it all: the big house, the loving family, cool friends and all the admirers she could want. Her life is at the centre of the teenage dream. However, things are slowly beginning to change: Kendal’s parents are having issues and making life-changing decisions, leaving Kendal to face a tidal wave of grief and confusion, and when she turns to her friends for support, she starts seeing them in ways she never had before. Clinging to the shattered fragments of what was once her perfect life, Kendal comes to realise: nothing will ever be the same. It’s only when she meets Clare, the class ‘geek’, that Kendal begins to accept that she needs to change her world-and herself in it-before her mistakes devour her and ruin everything…’

On June 22, 2015, Miss Faye Paige’s first fiction, The Friendship Flame, the first in the Charm Bracelet Girls series, was published and made available across stores worldwide. This publication marks a very exciting time both for the author and Notebook Publishing when considering that Faye is a child author at just 11 years old!

The Friendship Flame tackles issues of importance and relevance to Faye’s reading audience (pre-teens, aged 11–14 years), with the current publication addressing bullying and divorce. Written with wisdom far exceeding her years, Faye creates her characters with passion and emotion, and writes with a conviction that undoubtedly will see her work become a success!

Available now at leading stores across the globe, including Amazon and Waterstones, we expect the first in this new series will fly off the shelves and become a favourite amongst young adult readers. We wish Faye every luck and success!


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