Customised Services

Our brochure offers a number of different publishing packages, as well as various other services, including copy editing, typesetting, typing services, and marketing and promotion. Sometimes, however, it is the case that we do not offer a service in line with the preferences of one of our authors. In this instance, we are open to creating the very best service to fulfil our customers’ needs, and provide this according to specification.

Upon request, we are currently providing promotional services involving sending out a number of books to the managers of individual Waterstone’s stores, editors of magazines, and individuals for review and in mind of securing in-store shelf space. Today, we took delivery of one such parcel of books, and we are currently in the process of distributing these amongst some of the most high-profile stores, both in the UK and internationally.

With all packages and services on offer, we encourage our authors to communicate with us and make their preferences known. We are here to help, to facilitate ‘Your Words In Print Worldwide’. We are more than happy to tailor a service/package to your specific requirements!

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