Writing Course: Teaching the Time-Efficient Principles of Planning and Writing a Book

Today, we are doing something a little different: focusing on how aspiring authors across the globe can transform the idea of a book into a tangible manuscript ready for publication.

Undoubtedly, there are a number of blog entries, articles, journals and books dedicated to this very subject; despite this wealth of information, however, it seems those with the dream of writing and publishing their work—a very common ambition held by men and women the world over!—still ask the same questions: Where do you begin? How do you come up with ideas? What advice can you give? How do I know how many chapters/words to include? How do you create believable characters? How long does it take? The questions can be never-ending. So, despite the abundance of advice and tips on how a book can be written—by anyone, not just writers—would-be authors are still at a loss as to where to begin.

It is with this lack of insight and understanding of book-planning and -writing that our very own founder (notably also Copy Editor, book publisher and writer), Hayley Paige, has devised a unique writing system, centred on providing answers to the most common questions, and guiding writers through every stage of the planning process, from brainstorming ideas and researching market demand through to planning every element of a book, writing, editing and publishing.

This system—which was officially published yesterday, April 1, 2015, as a downloadable eBook—breaks down the process of planning and writing a book into 8 different modules, each with its own corresponding assignment. The modules each target a different aspect of the task, including Preparation, Deciding between fiction and non-fiction (and accordingly assessing demand), Character profiling, Creating a unique book blueprint, Dialogue, The writing process, Editing and, finally, Publishing. With more than 32,000 words, ‘Writing Course: Teaching the Time-Efficient Principles of Planning and Writing a Book’ considers, directs attention towards, and details every stage of, the incredible journey that is taking a book from idea through to publication—and doing so quickly.

Although this writing course is currently available only through direct purchase, there are plans to transform the system into a published paperback in the not-so-distant future. News will be updated here, on the Notebook Publishing website. In the meantime, ‘Writing Course: Teaching the Time-Efficient Principles of Planning and Writing a Book’ can be downloaded here.

We look forward to welcoming users of this new system as Notebook Publishing authors!

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