Valentine’s Day, Love Letters and A Project…

Valentine’s Day, a day for love…

Although the history of Valentine’s Day spans back many centuries—with its origin not actually associated with romantic love!—since the 18th Century, lovers, boyfriends and girlfriends, and husbands and wives have exchanged cards, flowers, chocolates and romantic gifts as a display of love and affection. Although it may be argued that Valentine’s Day is not what it once was—without question, over the years the day has witnessed much change, with commercialisation having a significant impact on how the day is celebrated. Long gone are the days of traditional handwritten valentines, love notes and poetry, with not-so-romantic mass-produced greetings cards taking their place—at Notebook Publishing we are not yet willing to give up on love and the most romantic day of the year: February 14th, Saint Valentine’s Day.

In celebration of this beautiful day and all it should (traditionally) encompass, we are reaching out to hopeless romantic writers in mind of a Notebook-centred project. We are to put together a collection of love-inspired poetry, penned by writers across the world, which will be published on Valentine’s Day 2016. The book—published in hardback, with royalties distributed amongst its contributors—will touch upon love and romance in all its aspects and colours, and should embody love in all its brilliance.

Accordingly, Valentine’s Day 2015, in the Notebook Publishing world, is marked with the opening of this event. Any writers wanting to submit a piece to our project can do so via email or Facebook (please see our Contact page), with the title ‘Valentine’s 2016 Project’. Those lucky enough to be chosen for inclusion in the book will be notified by competition close (July 22, 2015). We wish everyone luck—and love—this Valentine’s Day!

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