Lucky Friday 13th

There is the widely held superstition that Friday 13th is an unlucky day, causing 24 hours of chaos and negativity, stress, accidents, and a ‘whatever can go wrong, will go wrong’ perspective; however, other cultures and walks of life, in contrast, consider this date to be filled with good fortune and positivity. At Notebook Publishing, we believe attitude is everything, and our outlook is always positive and shiny!

So far, Friday 13th is proving to be full to bursting with progress and developments for our authors (granted, there are many hours left until midnight!), with website traffic surging since our redesign, book orders inundating our system, our new brochure causing an excited stir across our followers, and new writers looking at joining the Notebook Publishing family of authors. In the publishing world, each day, from beginning to end, is crammed with excitement in the form of publications, marketing, press releases, book orders, manuscript editing, client communication, and more, and today, Friday 13th, has been no exception!

Superstition requires an overhaul, a makeover, a redesign, and should be substituted for a positive outlook and the continuous drive forward in pursuit of dreams and goals—writing, publishing or otherwise!

On Friday 13th at Notebook Publishing, business continues as normal. Besides, we could never allow our passion and love for books and their publication to be dampened by black cats and pavement cracks…

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