Pop-Up Play: In Premedia—and Cover Sneak Peak!

The exciting collaborative work of Morgan Leichter-Saxby and Suzanna Law, The New Adventure Playground Movement, has today gone to print and is currently in premedia, which is, as always, an extremely exciting milestone for not only the author and photographer, respectively, but for the Notebook Publishing team as a whole.

Every work we accept for publication becomes a labour of love, to which we dedicate countless hours across all stages of editing, cover design, typesetting and finalisation. We, as a company, become attached to every project we undertake, and so we—just like the root creators of each book—feel the rush of excitement and achievement that comes with finally sending work to premedia. It is at this point that the publication ball is set into motion and when the dream of publication starts to become a reality for the author(s). This is the first point at which all the individual pieces come together—like a perfectly fitting jigsaw.

This book, created on behalf of the Pop-Up Play charity, has been an unusual project, mainly owing to its individuality and innovative genre. But it gives food for thought, substance to play, and perhaps even gives a little perspective into how we—once-upon-a-time children—view play, and the beauty and simplicity of child’s play if we allow it to happen naturally and without restriction. The book marks a journey—and not only in the literal sense.

Perhaps one of the most exciting stages of the publication process is that of cover design and its completion, and so with this in mind, we present below the final version of The New Adventure Playground Movement’s book cover. We may be biased, but the cover embodies all that is Pop-Up Play, thanks to our talented, imaginative graphics design team.


What are your thoughts?

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