February: The Month of Publication

Notebook Publishing was born out of real passion and genuine devotion for not only the book industry but also for the writing community. All aspects of the book-publication process—from an author brainstorming ideas for characters, plots, and twists and turns, through to a reader rating and reviewing a recent read—are all fascinating, exciting stepping stones on a book’s journey. The people tracing such steps vary in so many ways—in every possible way—but intrinsically are identical in others: we are all lovers of books.

Writing is a labour of love in countless ways. It comprises challenges and obstacles, moments of despair, thoughts of ‘Can I do really do this?’, self-doubt as to whether penned pages are trash or treasure.

But then there is the other side.

The feeling of holding a finished manuscript, feeling its weight, knowing you, a writer, has created something tangible that could really make a difference—even to just one person. The recognition that your ideas, the curls and twists of your own language, the characters born from your imagination, have been given life and can be touched and felt by potentially billions of people. And with this, there is a sense of achievement—a moment of awe and, ‘Wow, I’ve really done it!’—along with the realisation that maybe you could end up seeing your own book in print, complete with its own individual cover, standing in its own space on a shelf, being given time by one or many readers in the world, and ultimately impacting someone, somewhere.

Fulfilling such a huge goal and experiencing the whirlwind of emotions that goes hand-in-hand with writing and publication are, from our point of view, two of the key drivers behind so many people in the world wanting to write and publish their own book. And it is this huge population we want to reach.

We want to make those dreams a reality.

Notebook Publishing is declaring February our Month of Publication. During these four weeks, we are aiming to transform as many writers into authors as possible. Our team, during recent weeks, has devised and tested a more time-efficient method of publication, meaning folios can become published works in a matter of days. This exciting new framework means that aspiring authors across the globe are now able to achieve their dreams quicker than ever before, and all with the help of a dedicated team of genuine book lovers.

February: the month of publication. Will you be joining us?

Details of our publishing bundles can be browsed at the Packages page and by reviewing each of the services detailed in our drop-down menu. Alternatively, our brochure can be downloaded below!

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