Presenting Morgan Leichter-Saxby and Suzanna Law with The New Adventure Playground Movement

Notebook Publishing is proud to present author Morgan Leichter-Saxby, in collaboration with photographer Suzanna Law, as the newest additions to the Notebook Publishing Authors’ group, who have chosen to publish their book, The New Adventure Playground Movement, through NP’s Basic publishing option with add-on manuscript copy editing and typesetting, and simple cover design.

This is perhaps one of the most interesting works published through Notebook since its establishment, and our team is beyond excitement. The book documents the journey Leichter-Saxby and Law made across the USA with the aim of increasing awareness of, and involvement in, children’s play activities known as Pop-Up Play. The duo are together involved in charity work through Pop-Up Adventure Play, which seeks to revolutionise how children play, essentially going back to its roots through providing directionless play with the use of simple materials—namely cardboard, fabric, string and tape—at any location, at any time.

Through the selection of the Basic package with its respective add-on elements, this collaborative work will be available in both colourful, high-quality paperback and e-book format, complete with ISBN assignment and barcode generation. After editing and typesetting, the manuscript will undergo digital formatting and distribution. Meanwhile, the book cover will be designed and finalised, with the input of the book’s creators. Finally, after being processed for publication, Notebook Publishing will then continue its efforts alongside Ingram and Neilsen, ensuring worldwide printing and distribution across countless parties (distributors, wholesalers and retailers).

At the present time, the manuscript is undergoing copy editing, whilst book cover design is in progress. Furthermore, the blurb is being composed, and shortly will be made available to Notebook Publishing’s reading base.

At Notebook Publishing, we are not only proud to be working on The New Adventure Playground Movement, but we’re also excited for the future of its creators and their project.

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