Snarls of Love: To Print

After a very long journey comprising book cover design, manuscript copy editing, proofreading, and many other subsequent rounds of editing, we are finally ready to take Snarls of Love to print. As of today, cover design is complete, manuscript editing has been finalised, and file compilation is being undertaken. By this evening, our printers will have all materials needed to turn Snarls of Love into a worldwide-sold novella, making Sandra Carvalho another of Notebook Publishing’s authors.

Sending books to print following the significant efforts of many—the author, editors, graphics designers, publishing consultants and printers—is a massively rewarding, weight-lifting moment. It is the conclusion to the publication journey, but also marks the starting point in the professional journey of the published writer and their book. It is at this point that the real marketing begins; press releases, book signings, events. And it is here that an author feels a huge sense of achievement.

We send Ms Carvalho our Congratulations and best wishes for success! She is an inspiring woman and determined writer, and we expect her to be very successful in her literary endeavours.

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