Shattered: Typesetting Finalised

Today, we have completed the typesetting of the Shattered manuscript. Now, with the cover and manuscript complete, we are virtually ready to go to print. At the present time, our graphics design team is compiling all of the files into their print-ready format, set to go to our printers. The only task remaining is to receive the author’s approval that everything is as she would like, at which point we can then hit the ‘Publication, Global Distribution, and Success’ button!

It is as the publication process is nearing the end that the feeling of excitement for what we achieve—with every single book—becomes stronger than ever. Our role in facilitating writers’ dreams of publishing their work and making it available across the world, in the form of books, is something we treasure and of which we are so proud to be a part!

June 6, 2014—publication day!—will be a wonderful time, not only for Sallie Baisley, Shattered‘s author, but for the Notebook Publishing team as a whole!

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