Shattered: Blurb

The past few business days have been centred on the manuscript penned by Sallie Baisley, Shattered, with the typesetting and cover design finalisation assigned the most priority at the present stage of the publishing process. This particular book is speeding through the various stages of publication owing to a number of factors, namely the author’s writing talent and her efficiency at having the manuscript copy edited prior to submission to Notebook. As such, we are mere days away from introducing Ms Baisley’s words, in print, worldwide.

The most recent development has been the editing of Shattered‘s blurb, which we include here as a glimmer of insight into the soon-to-be-published mystery fiction:

The ingredients for a bomb are quite specific, but what about for the bomb-maker? What is it that makes him tick?

Take a disillusioned young man, add a pinch of vulnerability and a dash of poverty, and mix in a broken heart. Crack open a charismatic ‘devil’ and bake for 18 years, before finally sprinkling on top a series of traumatic events. The end result is truly shattering!

Shattered tells the story of Ryan Arnold—a white British boy living in Chatham, Kent. Defenceless and disenchanted, his hopes and dreams destroyed time and again, Ryan turns to the only people who have ever shown him love, compassion and respect. They are the Khan family, who inadvertently introduce him to the dark world of terrorism—and Al-Qaida…


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