Introducing Sallie Baisley with Shattered

Notebook Publishing is proud to introduce author Sallie Baisley as our newest author, who has chosen to publish her novel, Shattered, a mystery, through NP’s Basic Plus publishing option with add-on manuscript typesetting.

Ms Baisley, who is based in Kent, UK, has spent a great deal of her time writing her manuscript and having it copy edited. We are now thrilled to have been selected as her publisher.

As Sallie has selected the Basic Plus package, her book will be available in both paperback and e-book format, complete with ISBN assignment and barcode generation. After typesetting, the manuscript will be digitally formatted and distributed, with a hard-copy proof sent to the author for her approval. Upon receiving Sallie’s go-ahead for publication, Notebook Publishing will then work alongside Ingram Distribution to make the book available for worldwide printing, with countless distributors, wholesalers and retailers receiving details of the book and the option to purchase and sell it through their own channels.

At the present time, the Shattered manuscript is undergoing typesetting. Simultaneously, the book cover design is being perfected and finalised, with Ms Baisley working in collaboration with Notebook’s Graphics Design team. Furthermore, the blurb has been edited, and will shortly be made available to Notebook Publishing’s customer base.

At Notebook Publishing, we are so very proud to be working on Shattered. We’re confident Sallie will be very successful, and that we’ll be seeing many more of her works in the future!

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