Snarls of Love: Blurb

The past couple of weeks have marked an exciting journey for Notebook Publishing, with the proofreading, copy editing and typesetting of Snarls of Love well under way and the design of the book’s cover complete (blog entry including the cover to follow very soon!). Now, with only days to go until publication, the blurb (originally penned by author Sandra Carvalho and subsequently copy edited by the Notebook Publishing team) has been polished and finalised. We thought we’d include the blurb on our blog to give our followers a better sneak-peak into the book before the publication date arrives!

A professional hitman, going by the name of Judas, is hired by an elite but shady corporation. Stumbling through his assignment, he falls for the beautiful and telepathic detective whose mission is clear: Sara has begun her next hunt.

Time seems to stand still for the hunters as they fall in love, but then it quickly races against them, catching up with them, as their love tangles, their every move making them the prey, the hunted.

The unknown awaits…

Anticipation is building and we are climbing the walls! There’s less than a week to go! 

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