Book Cover Templates: 100 Designs

Although we all stand by the principle of never judging a book by its cover, it is unquestionable that the cover design, along with all of its individual elements and ingredients, is the first thing we notice when browsing books—and is something, if we are honest, all of us are guilty of taking into account when making a purchasing or reading decision. It is with this in mind that we acknowledge the important role played by book covers; this provides the rationale for Notebook Publishing’s design team having directed many of their efforts towards the design of 100 individual book cover templates for our client base.

As we expect our template publishing packages to be the most popular option amongst our authors/clients, all of our publishing packages, with the exception of the Basic solution, incorporate the option of the use of one of our book cover templates (or, alternatively, in the case of the Superior and Exclusive solutions, a customised design). This means Notebook Publishing’s authors not only benefit from cost-effective publishing, complete with worldwide distribution and a number of additional benefits, but also a beautifully designed and versatile cover.

Interestingly, despite the fact our designers have attempted to cover (no pun intended!) an array of genres, it seems that our more sinister creations—a bloody hand print; a woman holding a gun; a child crying—are amongst the most popular! It will be interesting to see what our authors are planning to wrap with these covers…

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